A system for managing a transport company and the processes that take place in it. From 10 € per month!

It is important for transport companies to have a TMS as it can automate and streamline many of the tasks required to carry out a transport operation. linkway.TMS is a ready-made solution prepared for companies with their own fleet of cars. linkwayTMS can bring many benefits to a shipping company. It can help you save time and money. It can also help improve customer service and increase business efficiency. linkway.TMS was created in such a way as to make it as intuitive and simple as possible.

Optimization of functions allows for effective use of the program from the first days after implementation. The modular structure of linkway.TMS allows for a very short program implementation process in the enterprise. It will be perfect for companies that want to resign from Excel spreadsheets as part of their development, but also for large companies that do not need hundreds of functions and thousands of fields to fill in. When you start working with linkway.TMS, you can quickly and easily opt out of Excel spreadsheets. Form data can be directly imported into linkway.TMS. The program itself can be used with any web browser, computer with Internet access. This solution minimizes hardware requirements and allows you to manage the company from anywhere in the world. Your company data stored in the cloud is completely safe.


linkway.TMS is a modern system for comprehensive management of forwarding and transport processes. The modular structure of the program and interconnected functions allow for effective planning, implementation, monitoring and settlement of transport services. Thanks to the cooperation with .HERE and OpenStreetMap maps, geolocation allows you to determine exact routes taking into account various factors such as the size of the vehicle or tolls. Integration with external GPS providers enables real-time vehicle tracking directly in linkway.TMS. Using the system, you can carry out the entire process of handling orders, calculate the profitability of freight, determine the route, and issue an invoice. Data can be generated in the form of a report. It is possible to set KPIs (order statuses) in the program. When using linkway.TMS, you may or may not use an external GPS location system. From linkway.TMS you can track all your vehicles on HERE or Open Street Map.

The program is complemented by the linkway.TRACKER application for drivers, which communicates with your linkway.TMS account. Among other things, the application can be used as a GPS locator. With it, you can keep track of your vehicles, as well as quickly and easily communicate with the driver. linkway.TRACKER allows drivers to constantly report the route, as well as add attachments and photos.

Selected functions of the application
Access via a web browser

Access to the linkway.TMS system is possible via any web browser. This solution reduces the hardware requirements to a minimum, and also allows you to use the program all over the world. All you need is a computer with Internet access. Company data is safe thanks to cloud storage.

Orders generator

With linkway.TMS, you can create an order, plan the route using HERE or OpenStreetMap maps, and set the order of loading and unloading. You can also calculate its profitability and issue an invoice.

Fleet management

Managing your vehicle fleet has never been so easy and fun. The vehicle file is full information about car sets and their equipment, leasing data or assigned drivers. The full fleet notification package allows you to easily control the timeliness of inspections, insurance, tasks ...

Notification system

At linkway.TMS you will not miss anything, orders, inspections, insurance, expiry dates, invoices ... Thanks to the modular structure of the system, you can receive notifications about everything that is happening in the company. It is also possible to choose about individual notifications for the respective users. Notifications are in the form of push in the linkway system, as well as e-mail or SMS.

Order details

Through the platform, you can view the transports carried out at a given moment and collect data. It is possible to share information with Contractors about a given order with a preview of the actual route on the map. Transport analyzes are reviewed according to: a specific contractor, order or registration number. linkway.TMS allows you to generate reports and charts.

Company administration

Through linkway.TMS, you can view data about company users of the system, edit them, verify and change permissions. The system allows you to keep a register of employees, including driver files.

Integration with GPS

linkway.TMS allows transparent and continuous vehicle monitoring on HERE or OpenStreetMap. You can connect any GPS locator with the system or use the linkway.TRACKER vehicle tracking application.

Contractors database

The program allows you to keep an address book of the company, as well as contacts assigned to a given company with division into departments. This solution allows you to avoid errors related to generating an order, and also speeds up the process related to communication and registration of new orders.

Application gallery
Systems Integration

linkway enables integration with external systems (among others enova and SAP), thanks to which the introduced changes can be updated in any software. Integration can be carried out in a dynamic or static way.
Information flow control

The data provided to users are subject to strict controls, thanks to which each of them has access only to the necessary information.
Personalization of functions

The high flexibility of our proprietary platform is ensured by the technologies used:, Microsoft SQL 2012 database or newer, the use of HTML5, CSS3, JQuery standards. This flexibility is used during system implementation, enabling it to be adapted to the individual needs of the company. Personalization means creating solutions that meet all customer requirements.

The standard is secure data encryption using SSL. Our system can be integrated with the company domain (Active Directory), so managing user accounts, their permissions and passwords is done using secure methods.
Reducing the cost

The availability of all information in one place affects the generation of higher revenues by reducing the costs associated with the bureaucracy of the company, contacts with clients / contractors and the management of processes belonging to the company's specific activities.
Intuitive service

The solutions used allow for quick navigation through various system functionalities. The user-friendly interface and convenient graphic layout affect the intuitiveness of use and comfortable use of all the possibilities of the software.