Warehouse managment monitor records of ramp reservations in the warehouse

Advising management has a huge impact on the efficient receipt of deliveries and the release of goods from the warehouse.
linkway.YMS is a system that significantly simplifies and automates actions related to notifications. It allows contact between the warehouse, the carrier and the contractor via SMS and e-mail. It is operated via a web browser.

The software enables automatic determination of the time window duration for transport based on defined data. Users of the transport department can change the time for unloading and loading. An important functionality is the use of calendars, which clearly show the duration of the notification and the planned load of warehouses and ramps.


linkway.YMS also provides access to the full history of notifications and all documents related to notifications, including attachments, which can be photos and other files. Via linkway.YMS you can have access to summaries and generate reports summarizing selected activities and data.

The system exists in many language versions. The software works with other systems and allows you to control the notification of many branches of the enterprise.


linkway.YMS allows you to log all visits, save their purpose and time, and coordinate access to resources (docks, parking lots, scales). It allows you to create all monitor documents and reports on this basis.


The linkway.YMS delivery notification system allows for external transport notifications by carriers or suppliers. Planning visits with the use of software supports the optimization of processes by eliminating tbottlenecks and the most beneficial use of infrastructure (gates and docks) together with the staff.


The software allows you to create different types of users. As a result, each employee and contractor who are assigned to the appropriate functional roles receive access only to information and system functions necessary to perform activities according to their competences and granted access.


Access to statements and the ability to generate reports are one of the most important functionalities of the linkway.YMS system. As a result, all data can be analyzed quickly and based on current information.


Directly from the systems, it is possible to send e-mail and SMS messages with information about operations related to notified transports. As part of sending an e-mail, it is possible to send printouts and reports on notification.

Systems Integration

linkway enables integration with external systems (among others enova and SAP), thanks to which the introduced changes can be updated in any software. Integration can be carried out in a dynamic or static way.
Information flow control

The data provided to users are subject to strict controls, thanks to which each of them has access only to the necessary information.
Personalization of functions

The high flexibility of our proprietary platform is ensured by the technologies used:, Microsoft SQL 2012 database or newer, the use of HTML5, CSS3, JQuery standards. This flexibility is used during system implementation, enabling it to be adapted to the individual needs of the company. Personalization means creating solutions that meet all customer requirements.

The standard is secure data encryption using SSL. Our system can be integrated with the company domain (Active Directory), so managing user accounts, their permissions and passwords is done using secure methods.
Reducing the cost

The availability of all information in one place affects the generation of higher revenues by reducing the costs associated with the bureaucracy of the company, contacts with clients / contractors and the management of processes belonging to the company's specific activities.
Intuitive service

The solutions used allow for quick navigation through various system functionalities. The user-friendly interface and convenient graphic layout affect the intuitiveness of use and comfortable use of all the possibilities of the software.