Manage warehouse operations. Accurate data record

This is a professional software that has been created for warehouse, production and logistics companies, but also for outsourcing of warehouse services. In addition to the basic features characterizing the Warehouse Management class systems, the linkway.WMS system offers many more options affecting efficient warehouse management.

linkway.WMS is a transparent system whose functionalities have been divided into intuitive modules. System users can be given selected system options that will enable them to perform their daily tasks. The available functionalities can be varied depending on the assigned program role and dedicated solutions.


One of the system's functionalities is the ability to control the load on the racks - this allows you to ensure the safety of both people working in the warehouse and the stored goods.

The solution allows the use of mobile terminals and barcode readers. Thus, the system speeds up the performance of warehouse operations, minimizing the risk of errors and optimizing the work of warehousemen. For example, the order picking transaction directs the warehouseman according to a defined collection route, which significantly saves the time necessary to carry out the issue order. The terminal can work in an internal or external network (for example using LTE).

linkway.WMS allows integration with other external systems, for example the ERP class. Integration can be performed in a static (import, export of files) or dynamic (using an API connection or using an FTP server).

Through linkway.WMS you can make settlements of costs for warehouse services

Having a general price list of services does not preclude individual valuation for each customer. Settlement can be the basis for invoicing for services rendered for a specific customer in a selected period of time.

The application has integration with IT systems of courier companies enabling automatic handling of shipments. Parcel registration, waybill management and label generation – all these activities take place without additional work, ensuring significant time savings and reducing the risk of error. An extensive notification system allows you to configure them.

Identification of goods in the system is possible by media number, batch number and expiry date. During the assortment management process, this allows you to get a lot of relevant information, for example about the date of its acceptance. This is extremely important when issuing goods from the warehouse according to the outgoing rules:
– FIFO (First In, First Out – goods accepted first leave the warehouse first)
– LIFO (Last In, First Out – the last accepted assortment is released first)
– FEFO (the shortest shelf life included)

An important functionality is the system of notifications about minimum states. When a given range reaches a number below the set value, linkway.WMS can notify the user about it.

linkway.WMS enables faultless location in high storage warehouses. It consists in the accurate determination of pallet storage locations with the assortment and pallet space management. The system also allows you to generate location labels, GS1 labels, prints and bar codes of the range.

The system allows multi-branch work bringing together many warehouses, whose employees have access to their own data. The management board, however, has access to information on all warehouses and can verify it at any time. linkway.WMS can be conveniently operated via a web browser as well as an application for Android devices (tablets, telephones, terminals).

linkway.WMS is a flexible solution, which allows you to customize existing functionalities and add new ones that meet the requirements of a specific customer. This makes linkway.WMS unique and responds to all of your company’s needs, enabling you to control employee processes and activities


The terminal enables the execution of warehouse documents (receipts, releases and changes of location). It allows you to check what assortment is stored in a given location, as well as to verify where the goods are after reading the product code. It speeds up the execution of orders for goods release, it is used to carry out inventory. The activities are based on the use of 1D and 2D codes.


linkway.WMS presents in a graphic form the fulfillment level of warehouse locations. It allows to check the current distribution of the assortment and the load of individual storage locations.


linkway.WMS supports selection of the best location for the received assortment, in accordance with internal warehouse procedures, for example according to defined types of storage places. The functionality proposes the most optimal location for a given product, and thus automates the work of the warehouse. It supports the marking of warehouse zones, pallet places and racks.


The multitude of methods for conducting and verifying the inventory distinguishes linkway.WMS from among systems of this class. This option not only allows you to carry out an inventory of the entire warehouse, but also allows you to select one group of goods, a specific location or a selected contractor. There is no requirement to stop work in the entire warehouse when the stocktaking process is on.


The created warehouse documentation doesn’t have to include only text data. It is possible to add attachments that will be permanently assigned to a specific order. These can be photos, but also files in many formats, for example: doc, xls, pdf and csv. Photo documentation can be added via a browser or directly via the application after taking the photo. Thanks to the use of this functionality, it is possible to quickly access documentation supplemented with additional elements.


This unique type of warehouse activity is used in outsourcing warehouses. Manage this process in the linkway system. WMS is based on accepting the assortment and forwarding it without placing it in stock. Cross-docking is an essential part of an effective customer service strategy. The consequence of using this method is to accelerate the inter-warehouse operations.

Systems Integration

linkway enables integration with external systems (among others enova and SAP), thanks to which the introduced changes can be updated in any software. Integration can be carried out in a dynamic or static way.
Information flow control

The data provided to users are subject to strict controls, thanks to which each of them has access only to the necessary information.
Personalization of functions

The high flexibility of our proprietary platform is ensured by the technologies used:, Microsoft SQL 2012 database or newer, the use of HTML5, CSS3, JQuery standards. This flexibility is used during system implementation, enabling it to be adapted to the individual needs of the company. Personalization means creating solutions that meet all customer requirements.

The standard is secure data encryption using SSL. Our system can be integrated with the company domain (Active Directory), so managing user accounts, their permissions and passwords is done using secure methods.
Reducing the cost

The availability of all information in one place affects the generation of higher revenues by reducing the costs associated with the bureaucracy of the company, contacts with clients / contractors and the management of processes belonging to the company's specific activities.
Intuitive service

The solutions used allow for quick navigation through various system functionalities. The user-friendly interface and convenient graphic layout affect the intuitiveness of use and comfortable use of all the possibilities of the software.