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The application is intended for drivers carrying out any type of transport: international or domestic, closer and further from the base. Regardless of whether your vehicle fleet is a delivery vehicle, truck, construction or passenger vehicle, the application will prove itself in every field of transport. The modular structure of the system allows you to support companies and drivers in many industries. The application complements the linkway.TMS and linkway.INTEGRATOR systems. Its operation improves the flow of information, documents and photos. With linkway.TRACKER we can track the vehicle live in the linkway.TMS and linkway.INTEGRATOR systems, without any additional GPS systems. The use of the application has been carefully analyzed to make it intuitive and easy to use. The menu has been built of large "tiles" with names and icons of options, such a solution allows you to easily select the function that you are currently interested in in all conditions.


The application allows you to report KPI goals (order status). The driver can report individual stages of loading and unloading, as well as report the course of the route, e.g. congestion or road control. The data is immediately transferred to the linkway system, where the coordinators can control the course of the order connected with the GPS location on an ongoing basis.

Another function of linkway.TRACKER is the possibility of sharing orders with drivers from the linkway.TMS level. This option allows you to minimize the risk of submitting incorrect data related to the order. It also allows you to speed up the information flow process in the enterprise, while reducing the use of time needed to write messages or make phone calls. Directly from the application, we can enable navigation to the destination of loading and unloading. Navigation takes into account the dimensions of the vehicle.

linkway.TRACKER allows you to opt out of external GPS systems. The order tunneling function is available, i.e. the creation of virtual tunnels of the vehicle's route. Thanks to this, when the vehicle leaves the designated route of the order, the order coordinator and other designated persons are immediately notified about it. Notifications can appear in linkway.TMS or linkway.INTEGRATOR, but also via e-mail or SMS.

Adding attachments from the application level allows you to improve the flow of documents in the company and shorten the time for handing over shipping documents, thanks to which we can issue an invoice for the order faster. This function also allows you to easily send and archive photos presenting, for example, secured goods, the condition of received pallets or any damage. All sent attachments are automatically attached to the actual order.

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Systems Integration

linkway enables integration with external systems (among others enova and SAP), thanks to which the introduced changes can be updated in any software. Integration can be carried out in a dynamic or static way.
Information flow control

The data provided to users are subject to strict controls, thanks to which each of them has access only to the necessary information.
Personalization of functions

The high flexibility of our proprietary platform is ensured by the technologies used:, Microsoft SQL 2012 database or newer, the use of HTML5, CSS3, JQuery standards. This flexibility is used during system implementation, enabling it to be adapted to the individual needs of the company. Personalization means creating solutions that meet all customer requirements.

The standard is secure data encryption using SSL. Our system can be integrated with the company domain (Active Directory), so managing user accounts, their permissions and passwords is done using secure methods.
Reducing the cost

The availability of all information in one place affects the generation of higher revenues by reducing the costs associated with the bureaucracy of the company, contacts with clients / contractors and the management of processes belonging to the company's specific activities.
Intuitive service

The solutions used allow for quick navigation through various system functionalities. The user-friendly interface and convenient graphic layout affect the intuitiveness of use and comfortable use of all the possibilities of the software.