It connects all GPS systems, providing a view of the position of the vehicles in one program. From 90 € per month!

linkway.INTEGRATOR is a tool that allows you to integrate GPS data from multiple sources in one central location. This is extremely helpful if you have a lot of data that you need to access regularly. With linkway.INTEGRATOR, you can connect to GPS data providers and view the data in one system. linkway.INTEGRATOR additionally introduces the possibility of exchanging information about the location of vehicles between related companies. linkway.INTEGRATOR's main goal is to link all GPS providers together. The view of GPS location data of vehicles in one system is designed to facilitate and speed up work. linkway.INTEGRATOR is a standalone solution.

The multitude of systems for monitoring cars on the market, the scope of their functionality, the method of operation and numerous limitations of data sharing significantly impede meeting the requirements of customers related to the monitoring of the transport of their goods. Today it is not about just sharing the location, but about the way in which it is done: safe for all parties of the logistics process. linkway.INTEGRATOR is a tool that allows users to integrate their GPS data with third party applications. It is a safe and easy-to-use solution that allows companies to share their GPS data with selected contractors. linkway.INTEGRATOR is a secure and reliable platform. It helps users manage their GPS data with a friendly interface.


linkway.INTEGRATOR can download data to the system from all your telematics providers, without your consent the GPS data is not shared. You provide the telematics data of the vehicles only to selected contractors. It is very important that your contractors see the location of vehicles only during the duration of the order.

Knowing how important data security is in business, linkway.INTEGRATOR allows you to precisely define the rules for sharing data:
- the data is transferred only between related users of the Linkway platform
- GPS data on completed orders can be stored in the system for up to 365 days
- shares are created individually for each Linkway panel user
- the provided car can be monitored all the time within the given date range or only during the implementation of the transport order
- an additional function is an e-mail confirmation of the vehicle being made available by the Vehicle Owner, the Owner may withdraw the sharing at any time
- it is also possible to define what data will be transferred: only the location data of the car or selected telematics data (e.g. temperature of the cold store)
- sharing data between system users is simple and clear, but most of all it supports the operator in automating sharing on the terms set by him

(Polski) Funkcjonalności

The list of all orders is available from the main panel. You quickly obtain data on imported and monitored orders, broken down into implemented, completed, rejected and confirmed.


linkway.INTEGRATOR allows for transparent, constantly and live monitoring of Your own, received and shared vehicles. All routes are visible on map.


Through the platform, you can view monitored transports and collected data made available during each stage of transport. Transport analyzes are reviewed according to: a specific contractor, order and registration number.


linkway.INTEGRATOR collects the most important data in one place, divided into different categories. You can get statistics on kilometers travelled, monitored orders, number of cars, GPS suppliers, subcontractors and customers.


linkway.INTEGRATOR allows you to view data about corporate system users, edit it, verify it, and change permissions. The system also allows you to control billing and invoices.


Selected information on transports can be shared with customers and principals. The resources made available to partners are also quickly verified.

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  • For carriers
  • przewoźnik
  • increase in transport safety
  • higher level of driver's comfort
  • reduction of operating costs
  • improving business credibility
  • increasing productivity and efficiency at work
  • increasing competitiveness of our offer
  • improving client communication
  • automation of process
  • competitive edge
  • For customers
  • zleceniodawca
  • systems integration
  • automatic reporting
  • optimization of deliveries
  • monitoring of loads
  • increasing productivity and efficiency at work
  • improving carrier communication
  • automation of process
  • competitive edge
  • risk management of deliveries
Systems Integration

linkway enables integration with external systems (among others enova and SAP), thanks to which the introduced changes can be updated in any software. Integration can be carried out in a dynamic or static way.
Information flow control

The data provided to users are subject to strict controls, thanks to which each of them has access only to the necessary information.
Personalization of functions

The high flexibility of our proprietary platform is ensured by the technologies used:, Microsoft SQL 2012 database or newer, the use of HTML5, CSS3, JQuery standards. This flexibility is used during system implementation, enabling it to be adapted to the individual needs of the company. Personalization means creating solutions that meet all customer requirements.

The standard is secure data encryption using SSL. Our system can be integrated with the company domain (Active Directory), so managing user accounts, their permissions and passwords is done using secure methods.
Reducing the cost

The availability of all information in one place affects the generation of higher revenues by reducing the costs associated with the bureaucracy of the company, contacts with clients / contractors and the management of processes belonging to the company's specific activities.
Intuitive service

The solutions used allow for quick navigation through various system functionalities. The user-friendly interface and convenient graphic layout affect the intuitiveness of use and comfortable use of all the possibilities of the software.